We Are Your Family Now......

So your last few days are busy in a way that before you start counting the left some hours, the day just ends.

And then your long awaited promise made to your daughter that you would be around while her 'mehendi', 'haldi' and other 'rasams' would be taking place.

But as the day comes closer all you are occupied is with preparing the 'guest-lists', the 'brahmin', a lot many 'poojas' are happening now and then for different 'griha & nakshatras shanti'.

So what if we offer you a little more than you probably have heard and known about the word 'organizers'. What if we go and research everything from the venue to the pandit, from the menu to the decoration, from the ghodi-wala to the band-baja. What if we go and find their best discounted rates in the market and keep it all onto your table and ask you to take the final call. What if we bring up the freshest 'varmala', exactly at the minute it was required and the flowers just blossom like you wished them to be. And what if we take care of everything from the 'garma-garam-chai' to 'pakaudads'.

Let us bring it all to you.

You choose and we do it for you as we understand that how much does that one little promise matters for you and for us. After all this dream is worth living.

Why we have all over India branches:-

This rigorous and never stopping zeal is now leading us to launch our all over India branches so that it adds a little more to the warmth when not just you but every single family member of your connect to our team in your own dilect. We understand how deeply enrooted culture you have and how precious that is for someone connected to its roots. So why not to be a helping hand where we not only communicate in your lingo but also understand the value of each 'rasam' to perform at its best.

Our Regional curators will understand your needs and the experts will plan it out for you. And not to forget that launching this concept of our regional-offices in most of the cities throughout the nation has brought down the cost and management for us as you both.

Who We Are

Mohsin Khan

Co-founder Redolence
Graduate in Tourism & Hospitality From Jamia Millia Islamia
Trained Under Ministry of Tourism

Over 7 Years Of Experience In Event Management and expertise in planning more than 400 weddings.

He believes in creating a flawless experience and timeless memory for every event. His constant search for new ideas, complemented with years of experience can make all your fantasies come true. His love for vibrant colors, unmatched creativity and immense knowledge have the power to transform your imaginations into reality.

Abhishek Arora

Co-Founder Redolence
Post Graduate in International Restaurant, Hotel and Resort management from Toronto, Canada.

He is a Delhi based event planner with an excellent aesthetic sense and contemporary vision. He has an eye for detail and believes that a celebration is incomplete without creating a perfect ambiance. He puts his heart and soul to create enchanting experiences for the guests. His passion for uniqueness, bespoke and innovative approach elevates ordinary events to superlative life experiences.